Spiritual Healer and Guide

Becoming a healer and a guide was a calling. It was not something I lightly jumped into; connecting and adjusting another person’s energy vibrations, reaching deeper into higher planes of consciousness; working within the realm of the astral. I am a rational fellow, and thus it was not easy at first, comprehending how real this is. But the results were such no one could argue with. And then there is the Queen of the Forest... She reminded me that this is why I came back. I accepted.

What is a spiritual healer and guide? It is not your grandma's Reiki...

My understanding is that there is nothing random. When we are subjected to physical, emotional and mental injuries, it is but manifestation of something that happened on a higher plane. It is like the shadow of a three-dimensional object; it cannot exist on its own, without an object and a source of light.

When we treat such injuries on the physical, emotional and mental planes only, we may manage a temporary relief, but if the root cause is not removed, the hurt will return, either in the same way, manifesting as a chronic condition, or in another way that reflects the person’s then-current reality.

The work of the light-worker, the medicine man, is to get at the root cause and remove it. A doctor, a psychologist, a massage therapist (acting in that capacity alone,) cannot do this work. They can only address the outer symptoms; the manifestations. That being said, a spiritual healer does not fix broken bones. His task is to remove the root cause so that full and long-term healing can take place.

Sometimes I facilitate with healing, other times I serve as a guide for finding a higher purpose, occasionally I do both. I do not work with anyone; only with those who are ready. Not everyone is at this moment. Reach out to me if this is of interest to you. You may also visit www.OpenHeartEnergy.com for more information. 



As I hold client information in confidentiality, thus the testimonials below are signed either by first name and initial, or by initials only. These clients agreed to speak in person and serve as reference, if requested. If so, please contact Ronen.

Ronen Divon is a talented multi-dimensional practitioner who blends mind-body-energy healing, spiritual clearing and an approach to client guidance and partnership that resolutely but gently advances personal growth. In practice, his client goal-focused consultation combines with broad and deep expertise in eastern and ancient western healing traditions. Ronen’s deep humanity and spiritual gifts amplify client intentions and effects the changes they seek. He is a bright blessing to the community of healers and to each person in his circle.
-- Mary P., Cary, NC


Ronen has a special gift to work in the unseen but felt places within us -- the places we don't understand but know call for help. We're often too afraid to respond to these calls, or we don't know what to do. You don't have to do this work alone. Ronen leverages his intuitive ability to read your energy and respond through a variety of healing techniques. He places your comfort level at the top of his mind so you can completely immerse yourself in the experience. Each session teaches me something about myself, helps me recenter and opens me up. This type of work is not for the faint of heart, and it's important that you open your mind to the process and allow yourself to feel what must be felt. Ronen is an exceptional guide to have through the journey. I highly recommend including him on your spiritual path. His gifts will help you in powerful ways.
-- Crystal O., Raleigh, NC


After the session with Ronen, I felt much lighter, like weights were lifted off my chest. Ronen's methods, although unfamiliar to me, resonated with something deep inside. He performed his work with integrity and care. I plan to see him again in the future, whenever the need arises.
-- Y.D., Cary, NC