Spiritual Guide

A traveler, journeying through various spiritual paths for decades, Ronen is available to assist fellow seekers with guidance. Ronen’s firm belief is that there are as many paths as there are people; each carving his and her own trail in the big adventure we call life. While each and every path is unique to the individual walking its pebbles, it can be helpful to have someone seasoned, a guide who amassed plenty of road-dust, to point out hazards, as well as assist uncover hidden gems along the way.

Each person is unique and thus describing what this service entail would be futile.
Some may wish to have a handful of scattered meetings, others an ongoing appointment schedule.
First consultation session is free, after which a more customized plan can be suggested.

If you are interested in exploring this offering, please click here to Contact Ronen.

From Ronen: "I am a spiritual guide not a teacher, a coach or a guru. I am occasionally asked what is the difference between a guide and a teacher/guru? To this I would answer that while a teacher tells you what you need to learn and where you need to go, a guide asks where you wish to visit, and then suggests paths, while illuminating sights of interest along the way."